Tuesday, October 22, 2013


News about the challenges of the Ghanaian economy, the issues of tariffs, and the many agitations of labour have increased. Indeed the world as a whole is currently faced with a daunting and persistent global economic challenge. Nonetheless, we hope for the better and in fact governments are working to manage the challenges. 

In times of challenges, there is an appropriate way to explain and make your points known to the masses as a government or political entity. During challenging times, people start developing massive energy of rebellion; ready to agitate whenever the opportunity may present itself. 

The boiling masses of political potential energy when converted into political kinetic energy has greater implications that may pull the little progress made far back. Well, the remnants of the Arab spring lingers on and I pray lessons have been learnt. 

It has become apparent that people in strategic positions of our dear nation and development discourse have failed to realize the importance of the communicative action process in politics and development. Yes, there are challenges. Indeed, people will complain no matter what. That is the beauty of democracy and the essence of communication in our political discourse. 

The most important thing about this communicative action process is what is communicated and how it is communicated. As such people in strategic positions in our dear country must appreciate the positions they occupy and the effects of what they say. Alas they may activate the already unstable political potential energy into kinetic political energy. The result of which we may not want for our dear country.

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